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Every business is different. At Base2 Software we have the tools and experience to assist with your custom software solution resulting in agile transformation. Our team of seasoned experts will speak plain business with you to craft a tailored solution designed to your specific needs. It will then be improved using an agile development and continuous improvement framework, and then be totally supported by our team ongoing.


If you need assistance to get systems talking to each other for the movement of data or you need to create an API (Application Program Interface) so that all other systems can link to yours our team can help. From scoping to creating to supporting we are here for you.


Is you current software solution sufferring from non-compliance, or you would like it to be re-written so it is delivered as SaaS (software as a service). Our team of experts will apply our development process, based on an agile format, to conceive, create, cultivate and support that solution for you. All in the language of plain business.


You have a process at work that can be automated creating efficiency and reducing process cost. The team at Base 2 Software can map the process and use technology to automate it, from digital self-service to seamlessly moving information between systems 


The Base 2 Software team of technologists have a wide variety of technology expertise including private and public cloud hosting. Base 2 is an accredited Azure and AWS hosting partner and can also assist with private cloud solutions should they be required to house and host your technology solution.


Every technology solution needs support! Support for the user base interacting with the solution, support for the infrastructure housing the tech, support for the security of the solution and that all important after hours support should something be upturned. Base 2 Software supplies all of this and more making your solution available. Many companies do not supply this integral portion of the total solution - Base2 Software does!!




Through research and facilitated sessions we work with your team to determine your digital goals. Through a consultative process the Base 2 software team will work with your key stakeholders to understand the desired outcomes and how they can be achieved.


Our team will work alongside your business to identify what personality and look and feel the digital solution should have. Should it be fun, serious, whimsical or studious. Software now can achieve all of these aspects depending on how its design is conceived


The team at Base 2 Software configure and code your solution to your exact requirements, using an agile sprint methodology allowing for rapid testing and feedback our team can deliver you a software solution that is fit for purpose, provides the automation you are after and is very well supported.

Technical leads at Base 2 software continuously review and optimise your solution and processes to ensure incremental improvements that maximise your user experience. It is the constant feedback loop that allows system improvement on an incremental and real time basis, continuous improvement really spins our wheels.


Once the solution is conceived, created and cultivated it needs award winning support from the end users through to infrastructure. The team at Base 2 software has a full service desk, ITIL based ticketing system and around the clock personnel to assist you making the most of your investment. 

There is a full feedback loop to track ticket types and identify solution areas for improvement, track bugs and get them resolved, quickly and efficiently improving the system at every turn.





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